Data Confidentiality and User Agreement

In order to participate in this evaluation, we ask that you agree to these terms:

  1. Maintaining the confidentiality and equality of the students you teach.

    Although we will be interested in your professional opinion about the impact of Live Ink® on your own reading and on your students' reading and learning, we will not ask for information from you that would disclose the identity of your students. We ask that, if you do send us information about your students, you omit information that would reveal the identity of your students. We also ask that you apply the technology and provide access to the technology in an equitable manner, for all of the students you teach.

  2. Confidentiality of our technology.

    In this pre-commercial evaluation, we ask that you not disclose the technical aspects of our software to another party or to the public. You do not need to make back-up copies of the software that will be on your PC (instead, if needed, you would only have to download another copy of the software); therefore, you should not make or distribute additional copies of the software. You should not attempt to replicate or reverse-engineer the software or its methods.

  3. Recommendations for improvements.

    If you send us recommendations on how to improve our technologies or methods, you agree that we have ownership of these recommendations. If you have a particular recommendation that you wish to sell to us, then you agree to negotiate the terms for such a sale before you give us the recommendation.

  4. Document Copy issues.

    When you submit text to our parsing service, we will not make a copy of it: the software will analyze the text and send it directly back to you without any human reading or involvement. Therefore, you must bear responsibility for the texts that you submit or transform with this technology. You are also responsible for saving up-to-date copies of any other documents that are open on your computer while you use the software. You need to obey copyright laws, and should not submit text for which you do not have copyright permission. The parsed text formatting of the text is itself a copyrightable derivative of the original text. This derivative version is only to be used for your own reading or for educational activities of students in your educational institution; it is not to be published or sold outside of your institution.

  5. Single-user for each UserID and Password.

    The UserID and Password that are being issued to you for participating in this evaluation should be used only by you. If you have other colleagues who also wish to participate in this evaluation, please have them contact us by email at, and we will issue separate UserID's and passwords to them.

    If you agree to these terms, then please click below to go to the ClipRead download page.

    ClipRead Download Page

    If you do not agree to these terms, then please do NOT download or use the software. If, after starting your participation, you wish to remove yourself from the group of users in this project, then please contact us.

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