Downloading ClipRead

Before downloading ClipRead, you must agree to the terms of the ClipRead Data Confidentiality and User Agreement. If you haven't already, read and accept the terms of the agreement now.

If you have accepted the terms of the agreement, download ClipRead by clicking on the link below.

Download ClipRead.exe

When prompted, we suggest you save Clipread.exe to a file named "ClipRead" that you can readily access.

To get started:

  1. Open the file with the ClipRead application.
  2. Click on the ClipRead icon (the feather quill in the ink well).
  3. When prompted, enter your user name and password. We recommend that you change your password to one you will easily remember. If you forget your password, please send an e-mail to and we will re-send your password information.
  4. Once your ClipRead application is running, you are now ready to submit text for parsing (you may wish to minimize the ClipRead window, though this is not necessary).

How to submit text:

  1. (Recommended): As you are reading an electronic document, use the cursor to select and copy the text that you want transformed. You could also click on the "Edit" menu, choose "Select all", then "Copy" (which will submit all the text in the document.) Now simply open the ClipRead application by clicking on the icon in your toolbar, and the parsed text will appear. If you submit more than ten pages of text, the application will warn you that you have submitted a large amount of text which may require an extended time for parsing.
  2. The second way to submit text is with plain ASCII documents (*.txt documents). On the ClipRead application, go to the file menu, click on open text file, and select the plain text document that you want transformed. The parsed text will appear automatically in your ClipRead window.

Privacy Statement:

Text submitted to the ClipRead service is computer-analyzed for syntactic structure and returned directly to the submitter with inserted mark-up tags for enhanced presentation and reading. The submitted text is not copied, nor is it otherwise available for direct review by any person other than the submitter. Text content submitted for this service is considered confidential, and the submitter is considered solely responsible for the content that he/she submits for this service.

Parsing Problems:

Your feedback is important to us as we continue to enhance the ClipRead online application. If you experience problems with ClipRead, please record any error messages you may receive and the circumstances that led to the error, and report them by e-mailing us at

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