Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I print out the LiveInk text?

A: The latest version of ClipRead enables you to print the LiveInk output in 2 or 3 columns. You can also use the "Print Columns" utility to copy LiveInk formatted text into an e-mail or word-processing document.

Q: Can I read the document I transformed offline?

A: You can go offline and read the parsed text as long as you keep your ClipRead application open. In the coming months, an upgrade version will permit you to save special LiveInk files that you can open and read offline.

Q: What should I do if I experience technical problems?

A: We are in the process of beta-testing the ClipRead application, so your comments are very valuable to us. If the application freezes, and an error message appears, please make note of the error message and the circumstances of the problem and e-mail the information to us at

You can close the application by doing the following:

  • Press CTRL+ALT+Delete simultaneously.
  • Click on End Task when prompted.
  • Relaunch the ClipRead application and go online again.

Q: What if I'm connected to the internet, but the ClipRead service is not responding to my submissions?

A: The service may be temporarily interrupted - please send us an e-mail to alert us to the interruption and we will correct the problem. During business hours, the problem should be resolved in about an hour or less.

Q: How does LiveInk improve reading?

See How Live Ink works.

Q: What does the parsed text look like?

See this example.

Q: Can I publish materials using the LiveInk format and the ClipRead parsing engine?

  1. If you are a non-for-profit organization or educational organization (e.g., or ) then, yes, you are allowed to use ClipRead and/or the patented LiveInk "poetic-prose" formatting method to create text materials for electronic or print publications, under the following conditions:
    • You own the copyright for the material being published (public domain material should NOT be reformatted and published in LiveInk format without our expressed, written permission).
    • The publication is not being sold and does not include commercial advertising.
    • The publication must include:
      • a statement that the text formatting of the publication was performed using the patented LiveInk method,
      • the registered trademark for LiveInk (Live Ink(r), or LiveInk(r)), and
      • the website for and/or, presented somewhere in the publication. (Note that the HTML converter module of the ClipRead application automatically inserts this information at the bottom of each web page that is made; this information should be left on the webpage when it is published on the web or sent to others).
  2. If you are a for-profit organization, or a non-for-profit organization engaged in commercial publishing activities, then you should contact us directly, (at or 1-877-LIVEINK) to discuss licensing and royalty payments before publishing electronic or printed documents in the patented LiveInk format.

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