Download Free LiveInk® Books

To further familiarize yourself with LiveInk® , please download a demo version of any of the following titles. Simply click on the title you wish; when prompted, we suggest you save to a file named "LiveInk Demo" that you can easily access.

"The Time Machine," by H. G. Wells (1.1MB download)

Four "Andersen Fairy Tales," by Hans Christian Andersen (900KB download)

"The Wizard of Oz," by L. Frank Baum (1.2MB download)

To Begin:

Go to the file where you saved the LiveInk Demo, and double-click on the feather icon.

Next, click on the "Table of Contents" tab.

Next, click on the plus-sign ("+") next to "Listed by Title".

Next, double-click on the title you have chosen.

(If you want to start at a specific chapter, click on the plus-sign ("+") next to the title, then double click the chapter heading.)

Begin reading, using the "Next" button to turn the page.

To Customize Your Reader:

We suggest you modify the window and the settings to best suit your reading preferences:

You may manipulate window size as you would any Microsoft window.

Using the "Control" tab, you may change the font size.

Under the "Options" tab, you may experiment with different background and word colors; you may also choose the two-column view.

You can always return to the originally downloaded settings by clicking on the "Reset to Startup Defaults" button.


If you click on the name of the book, and not a chapter name when you re-open the book, it will ask you if you want to return to where you were last reading.

If there is a place in the book that you want to remember to return to later, simply click on "Add Bookmark". Then type in a name to remember this bookmark.

To go to a previously saved bookmark, click on "Bookmarks" and then click on "Goto..." and select the desired bookmark from the drop-down list.

To Uninstall:

Simply delete the file from your computer.

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